Singles’ Bible Studies

When You Arrive

A reception area is located just inside the Promise Place doors. We are available to assist you and your child with any needs or questions.


Age Range:  17-24
Teacher:  Pastor Eric Ramsey
Room:  309

The vision of this class is to see young adults develop a deep and meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ that guides them through college and ultimately prepares them for life after graduation.  If you are in college or college aged (17-24), then come see what they are all about.  They love God’s word and seek to apply it to everyday life.

20 Somethings

Age Range: 20-30
Teacher: Marc Riley
Room: 239A

The 20 Somethings group is a perfect fit if you are in that transitional stage of life where you are getting anchored into the workforce. This group seeks to have godly community as they seek the Lord’s will in their lives. They want to maintain the balance of Biblical depth and practical application that is needed in such a difficult world. Grab a cup of coffee or a bowl of cereal (or both) and enjoy the fellowship of those in the same life stage.

Singles (30+)

Age Range: 30+
Teacher: Darrell Chapman
Room: 241

This group loves to utilize the studies and reading of books to add to their love of Scripture. If you enjoy a little outside reading to prepare for in-depth conversations, then this warmhearted group is a great fit for you.