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“There are definite steps every church will experience every time they transition. How well, or how poorly, they navigate these steps will determine in no small degree, how healthy the transition to a new pastor is in the life of the church.”

Dr. Jeff Thompson,
Associational Missionary, Concord Baptist Association

Transition Committee

A Transition committee nominated by the deacons and elected by the church shall be responsible for obtaining preachers to fill the pulpit until a pastor is called. They may determine the need for an interim pastor and shall define the job description in accordance with the needs of the church. An interim pastor shall be voted on in a special business meeting. A simple majority is required for affirmation.
(From First Baptist Constitution and By Laws ARTICLE IV – Special Committees.)


Transition Committee Members:

Jody Bradshaw
Wayne Haver
John Johnson
Charles Lawrence
Matt Passmore
Jacob Ray
Mont Sagely
Steven Thessing
Jason Walters
David Gean (ex-officio member as deacon chairman)

If you have any questions, please contact the deacons or transition committee at the emails below:


Active Deacons of First Baptist Church Fort Smith


Denny Altes
Ralph Blansett
Jody Bradshaw
Tom Bull
David Burton
Bob Carr
Mike Carroll
Darrel Chapman
Jerry Clark
Thad Cutsinger
Gary Felker
Winston Fulmer
David Gean
Bill George
Jim Harwood
Wayne Haver
John Johnson
Jerry Jones
Chris King
Wayne King
Charles Lawrence
Peter Lee
Alan Mashak
Don McDonald
Jerry McGary
Edwin Munoz
Jake Neel
Ed Nunley
Steve Peoples
Bob Rice
Mont Sagely
Jeremy Schreckhise
Ron Smith
Steven Thessing
James Walters
Jason Walters
Tony White