Couples’ Bible Studies

Young Marrieds

Age Range: 20s-30s
Teachers: Wes and Katie Holland
Room: 239A

If you are engaged or married within your 20’s-30’s, then this would be a great group that will fit your needs. Many within this class are just starting to enjoy the new stage of being married and becoming parents, which allows it to be a great class if you have little ones or don’t. This class studies a wide range of Biblical topics for everyday Christian life.

Young Marrieds 2

Age Range:  30s-40s
Teacher:  Jeff and Susan Hannan
Room:  306

This somewhat larger class is glad to receive any young married couples (primarily “30 Somethings”) at any stage of their marriage. This class highly encourages its members, through life applicational Bible study, to live out what Scripture has called believers to do—being a disciple and making disciples.

Barnabas Class

Age Range: 30s-40s
Teacher: Allen Williams
Room: 245

The Barnabas class has a wonderful range of family units, including those whom have small children to those whom have children in college. It is their joy to share life with one another as they study God’s word with great depth verse-by-verse through books of the Bible.

Sola Scriptura (latin: “Scripture alone”)

Age Range: 40s-50s
Teacher: Gunner Delay
Room: 312

This class enjoys digging deep into various Bible book studies and doctrinal studies, while always making application to real life.

Empty Nesters

Age Range:  50s-60s
Teachers:  Mark and Cathy Weaver
Room:  239B

This class welcomes those in their 50’s-60’s whom are starting to go through the “empty nest” stage of their life.  The teacher, Mark, is a long-time minister at this church and has a great heart for people and studying Scripture with interaction and practical application for every Christian.

Family Builders 2

Age Range:  50s-60s
Teacher:  Wayne Haver
Room:  313

Family Builders is a great smaller-sized class devoted to teaching the Bible, praying, and fellowship.  This class would be thrilled to embrace any couple in their 50’s-60’s looking for a place to belong.

Meat Lovers

Age Range:  50s-70s
Teachers:  Charles Lawrence
Room:  331

Don’t let the fun name of the class fool you.  This is an incredible class that has their focus in the right place.  Their heart is rooted in studying God’s Word one verse at a time, and seeks to apply it to life.  They love having large fellowship gatherings, and are blessed to have multiple gifted teachers.

60+ Men & Women Bible Study Classes

Couples 1

Age Range:  60s-80s
Teacher:  Tom Bull
Room:  234

This larger prime adult class is a great class for those looking for good, solid instruction-style Biblical teaching that seeks to expose the Bible verse by verse.  The friendly folks in this group would be thankful to have you visit and share in the coffee and fellowship.

Couples 2

Age Range:  70s-80s
Teacher:  Tom Gray
Room:  239C

This is one of our larger sized classes.  They are devoted to teaching the Bible, using the “Explore the Bible” Lifeway series.  This class would be thrilled to embrace anyone that is looking for a place to belong and fellowship.

Senior Adults

Age Range:  70+
Teacher:  John Holland
Room:  239D

This “close knit” group, of men and women over 70 years of age, seeks scriptural truth by focusing their attention on studying through books of the Bible.