Couples’ Bible Studies

Young Couples

Age Range: 20s-30s
Teachers: Cy Martin and Mark Hammer
Room: 239 A

If you are engaged or married within your 20’s-30’s, then this would be a great group that will fit your needs. This group of young married couples are passionate about engraving God’s Truth upon their hearts, praying together, and building intimate relationships in order to encourage, inspire, love one another, and keep each other accountable in their daily walk with Christ. This class gathers frequently for fellowship and Bible studies outside of church.


Age Range:  30s-40s
Teacher:  Jeremy Schreckise
Room:  306

This Couples class recognizes the importance of the Body of Christ uniting, growing in faith, and having a deep understanding of the Word of God, so that they will be fully prepared to share the Gospel with others.

Couples 2 

Age Range: 40s-50s
Teacher: Tim and Danna Berry
Room: 312

This class focuses on cultivating a deep hunger in studying and applying God’s Word to their lives.

Couples 3 

Age Range: 40s-60s
Teacher: Billy Smith
Room: 239 B

This class enjoys breaking down Scripture verse by verse, careful to stay within the context, never adding to or taking away from God’s Truth. Their focus is on discipleship and giving church members a sense of belonging. They are currently studying through the Book of II Peter.

Couples 4

Age Range:  40s-60s
Teachers:  Stacy and Lana Farney
Room:  245

These class members desire to strengthen their marriages through God’s Word and to live out the Truth as examples for their children. They believe that it is by the Holy Spirit alone that they are able to live in a manner worthy of our calling as followers of Christ.

Couples 5

Age Range:  50s-70s
Teacher:  Wayne Haver
Room:  313

Family Builders is a great smaller-sized class devoted to teaching the Bible, praying, and fellowship. This class currently uses Bible study material from Explore the Bible, a Lifeway series. This class focuses on mankind’s need to study God’s Life-giving Word in order to grow strong in faith, overcome temptation, and praise God during trials.  Several class members serve in choir, bell ringers, and the 24-hour Prayer Ministry. This class would be thrilled to embrace any couple in their 50’s-70’s looking for a place to belong.

Meat Lovers (Couples 6)

Age Range:  50s-70s
Teachers:  Charles Lawrence
Room:  331

Don’t let the fun name of the class fool you. This fun class call themselves ‘Meat Lovers’, coming from Hebrews 5:14—“But strong meat belongeth to them that are of full age, even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” With multiple teachers in the classroom whose emphasis is to apply God’s Word to daily living, class members become firmly rooted in studying the Word one verse at a time. They have strong friendships with one another through frequent times of fellowship.  Currently, they are studying through the Commands of Christ Bible study.

Leaders include: Winston Fulmer, Steve Peoples, Charles Fitting, and Ron Smith

Bible Fellowship Class

Age Range:  All Ages
Teachers:  Mark Weaver
Room: Fellowship Hall (Window Side)

Mark Weaver has been a Pastor at FBC for over 15 years. This class will focus on Biblical knowledge and application and is open to anyone who would like to join. We would love to have you be a part of this class. 

60+ Men & Women Bible Study Classes

Senior Adults 1

Age Range:  60+
Teacher:  Tom Bull
Room:  233/234

This class is currently using Bible study material is from Explore the Bible, a Lifeway series. Class members are friendly, cheerful, and thankful to be able to gather in fellowship and lift one another up in prayer and Bible study.

Senior Adults 2

Age Range:  70+
Teacher:  Tom Gray
Room:  *Temporarily meeting in the Fellowship Hall (Screen side)

This class is currently using Bible study material from Explore the Bible, a Lifeway series. The emphasis is on studying verse by verse through the Old and New Testaments.  The small group reads through all books of the Bible during a six-year cycle.  Class involves fellowship, prayer, and the study of God’s Word.

Senior Adults 3 (Men & Women)

Age Range:  60+
Teacher:  John Holland
Room:  *Temporarily meeting in Conference Room B                                        (Across from Prayer Room) 

This class currently is using Bible study material from Explore the Bible, a Lifeway series. This class considers themselves a close-knit family who seeks to do the will of God and be a family in Christ (Mark 3:35).  All members participate in various church ministries such as First Help, Close Knit, and Covered in Prayer.  They make a point to pray over each other and can testify to God’s power through answered prayer.