Men’s Bible Studies

Systematic Theology

Age Range: 35+
Teachers: Tom Waller
Room: 236

For any man who is looking to be saturated by deep theological studies. No stone is unturned as these men seek out the depths of God’s Word. Come and partake to see the love these men have for what God’s says.

Men’s Bible Study

Age Range: 35+
Teacher(s): David Burton
Room:  334

This class desires to maintain a balance of deep theological studies while going through books of the Bible.  Come and participate with their laughter and warm-heartedness as they journey together to understand God’s Word in their life.

Men’s Inductive Bible Study

Age Range: Men of all ages
Teacher(s): Greg Wootten
Room: 310

This small interactive group of men systematically walk through books of the Bible, verse-by-verse, carefully examining God’s truth, then seek to apply it for daily living.

Men’s Discipleship

Age Range: Men of all ages
Teacher(s): Joseph Ham and Roy Myers
Room: 241

Men sometimes assume that life is a “solo sport.”  However, in this group, they seek a “team approach” — sharpening each other as they pursue Godly manhood