Women’s Bible Studies

Sunday Morning Bible Studies

Women’s Bible Study of All Ages

Age Range: All ages
Teachers: Becky Martin
Room: 333

This Women’s Bible Studies is for women who are interested in fellowship and spiritual growth. This group of ladies are constantly growing closer to God and to each other through fellowship and personal testimonies. The women in this growing class range from college age to grandmothers.

Seekers I

Age Range:  60+
Teacher:  Rose Marie Murphy
Room:  Conference Room C (Behind the Worship Center next to the Prayer Room)

This group of friendly, God-loving prayer warriors seek to study and apply God’s Word daily. Each week, they make a “Prayer Needs” letter in order to pray for one another specifically—a part of their ministry that has had the greatest impact.  They also engage in fellowship every Friday for lunch. The classroom enables those with mobility issues to be a part of a Bible study class. 

Seekers II

Age Range: 40+
Teacher: Gloria Law and Billie June Mayo
Room: *Temporarily in the Choir Room*

The focus of this incredibly friendly class is discipleship—growing in following Jesus by applying God’s Word, sharing the Gospel, and ministering to needs. These ladies desire to obey God’s greatest commands: Love God and love one another. They are currently going through Bible Studies for Life a Lifeway series.

Small Group Leaders include:                                                                                                                                                             Sharon McGraw, Eva Hurt, Sandra McKeown, Joyce Hodge, Susan Walker, and Karla Miller.

Wednesday Evening Bible Study

The Orchard

Age Range: Women of All Ages
Teacher:  Wendy Peer
Room:  241

This women’s Bible study seeks to be a welcoming, safe environment, open to all women. Since older and younger generations are mixed, this class is able to encourage each other, build each other up, and pass down wisdom to strengthen faith and lead to spiritual maturity.  This class has fellowship through testimonies, guest speakers, and craft nights.  They watch videos from Right Now Media and engage in biblical discussion.